• What is the application process for international students and what is the time duration before I can get my letter of acceptance?
    • Student accesses information regarding JTI on the web, via an agent or from Job Training Institute direct
    • Prior to enrolment the student must read from JTI website or marketing materials forwarded to them the following information:
  • Requirements for acceptance into a course (including English levels, qualifications, work experience and course credit opportunities).
  • course content and duration, qualifications on offer, modes of study, and assessment methods
  • campus locations and a general description of facilities, equipment, and learning and library resources available to students
  • Grounds, on which the student's enrolment may be deferred, suspended or cancelled.
  • Indicative course related fees, including the potential for fees to change.
  • Information on accommodation options.
  • Schooling obligations and options for school-aged dependents, including that school fees may be incurred.
  • Documented procedures in place for assessing students' qualifications, experience and English language proficiency.
  • Requirement for a description of the ESOS framework as provided by DEEWR.
    • Student completes Application of Enrolment Form and collects other documents relevant to the application i.e. certified evidence English language level, copy of the student’s passport and any other supporting documentation. This is forwarded to JTI for initial assessment.
    • Application of Enrolment Form is not accepted without appropriate supporting documentation. All International students are required to submit the following with their Application of Enrolment Form:
      • An authorised copy of their visa (If applicable)- If no visa is available at the time, a conditional offer would be made.
      • Evidence of English proficiency
      • Any other supporting information such as previously attained qualifications
      1. The Student Support Coordinator assesses student’s enrolment documents and checks them for completeness and gets the International Department Head (IDH) to sign the letter of offer, and this together with the student acceptance agreement are sent to the student.
      1. Once the IDH is satisfied with the information supplied, the Letter of Offer and thestudent acceptance agreementwill be created for the student. These documents are then forwarded to the student for signing.
      1. Upon receipt of the signed student acceptance agreement, signed student letter of  offer acknowledgement , the tuition fee deposit and enrolment fee, the student’s information is entered  into  PRISMS  and  an  electronic  confirmation  of  enrolment  (ECoE)  is  created  and forwarded to the Student along with a welcome letter outlining what the student is required to do upon arrival in Australia.
      1. The student submits this Coe alongside their passport, proof of funds and other necessary documents to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) either online or at the nearest DIBP offices (Embassy).
      1. The timeframes vary depending on how quickly the student goes through the above steps.
      2. Which are the admission months for international students?
      3. How can I check the progress or current status of my application?
      4. If a student wants to transfer credit from one institution to another, how does one go about this?
      5. Are standardized tests required for international student admission?

To get the actual date of the next intake, contact your agent or call us on +61 3 9212 3535 or email international @jti.edu.au

Contact your agent or call us on +61 3 9212 3535 or email international @jti.edu.au

We follow standard 7 of The National Code 2007 which is about TRANSFER OF STUDENTS BETWEEN PROVIDERS. JTI has a policy and a procedure to follow in this.

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